Welcome to the download page for the MRI Report Viewer. Please read the following steps to install the software on your computer correctly.


Download First

Download Second

Download Third
We are in receipt of your enrollment form to begin receiving the monthly building financial reports via email. In order to view these reports there are three files to be downloaded, which you should save to your local C:\ drive. Please read below before you save them.

  1. Winzip.exe - This is the standard compression utility that is used by windows PC's. You need this file to be able to unzip the MRI viewer. If you already have winzip, please proceed to number 2. If you do not already have winzip, browse over to: www.winzip.com to download and install it to your computer. We have also made the file available here, click on the file "winzip81.exe" to the left. Follow the standard prompts to install.
  2. Viewer.zip - The name of the MRI file is viewer.zip. Click on this Link to Download Viewer.zip and choose 'Save' then download it to your C:/ drive. After the save, double click on viewer.zip and extract the files to your C:\ drive (remember where you extract it to). Navigate to where you extracted it to and double click on setup.exe to install the viewer.
  3. Testreport.MRB - This is a one-page innocuous sample report which I have here. After you have installed the viewer see if you can click on this file and open it.

Send an Email if you have any questions regarding the viewer setup.