3 Tips on How to Get Centered with Susan Schectar

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By Deborah Miller, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Buying and selling a home can be stressful, but placing an excellent broker in the quarterback position can alleviate potential turbulence significantly. An additional tip for managing stress successfully in a time of transition is to incorporate exercises to feel centered.

Susan Schectar, a yoga instructor based in New York City shares the following three key tips to incorporate into your daily life, all of which can alleviate stress and leave your mind feeling balanced and relaxed.


  • Notice your breathing.
  • Count to 4 on the inhale
  • Hold for 2 - 4 beat
  • Exhale for 4-6 counts

With just three cycles of intentional breath work, says Susan, you’ll feel a difference.


Susan says it’s not about clearing your mind of thoughts; rather the aim is about not reacting to the thoughts.

Meditative settings can include these 3 simple backdrops:

  • Taking a shower
  • Going for a walk/wheelchair roll
  • Having a sit

Note: for some, movement is very helpful for meditation.


  • Per Susan, even 5 minutes of jotting can re-center your energy.

A large part of keeping your mind and body relaxed, through tips such as these, has to do with the space that you do it in. Homes like this stunning property located at 800 Grand Concourse  provide the perfect bonus room that can double as a meditation space for breathing exercises or yoga, or a home office to take up journaling. Additionally, there are plenty of properties, such as 811 Walton Avenue that offer yoga classes within the building itself.

To learn more on breathing, Susan highly recommends: https://www.mrjamesnestor.com

To connect with Susan Schectar: https://karmagoodyoga.com/home

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