6 Spots in Central Park to Host the Perfect Summer Picnic

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Due to its wide open green spaces and gorgeous scenery, Central Park is the ideal location to enjoy a summer picnic. Not only is the park easily accessible due to its central location, but there are a number of scenic spots to enjoy with loved ones, from its beautiful lakes to its lush gardens. As you gather with friends and family to enjoy a picnic in the shade this summer, here are 6 different areas in Central Park that offer the perfect space to do so. 

The Great Lawn 

Mid-park between 79th Street and 85th Street 

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Located in the center of the park , the Great Lawn offers 55-acres of wide open space. This area has not only been the location of countless picnics, but has also hosted various concerts, cultural events, and summer activities.

Sheep Meadow 

Between West 66th Street and West 69th Street 

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Previously the home to flocks of grazing sheep until the early 1930's, Sheep Meadow is now a 15-acre pasture where you can sit back and relax on a picnic blanket with a delicious spread.

Great Hill

Between West 103rd Street and West 107th Street (entrance at 106th Street)

Located in the northern part of Central park, this heavily wooded area provides ample shade for any social gathering. With the beautiful scenery of the area's surrounding elm trees, your picnic will be elevated by the unbeatable views.

Bow Bridge 

Mid-park at 72nd Street 

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Instantly recognizable, there is arguably no better place to host a picnic than this popular section of Central Park. As the location of several popular movie scenes and widely known as one of Manhattan's most romantic spots, this Bow Bridge is an excellent choice for a summer gathering.

Strawberry Fields 

Between 71st Street and West 74th Street

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This section of the park, serving as a memorial dedicated to the late John Lennon, is located across from the architecturally iconic Dakota building. If you choose to picnic here, the designated quiet zone ensures that your gathering will be enjoyed in a peaceful environment.

The Pool 

Between West 100th Street and West 103rd Street 

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 

Although it is not an area for swimming, as its name may suggest, the area that surrounds the Central Park's Pool in its northwest section provides open green space in lush solitude.

"The Pool is also called the Loch and it leads to the North Woods!  Superb spot for a real country walk and great birding - from there you can go to Consevatory Garden or Harlem Meer." - Marjorie Flannigan MacLachlan

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