Actor Nic Rouleau on Netflix's 'UNCOUPLED,' Real Estate, Broadway, and More

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Marketing techniques can encompass a variety of exciting methods and platforms, sometimes even pushing the envelope and straying from tradition. However, Brown Harris Stevens Agent Kimberly T. Hastie has taken things to a new level by collaborating with Actor Nic Rouleau—known both for his work on Broadway and his recent role in the hit Netflix series "UNCOUPLED" — for a series of musical home tours.

"Everyone can point to a room and say, 'Here’s the bedroom and here’s the bathroom,' but that’s so obvious," Hastie said. "I wanted to engage my viewers and support artists as well. It was a win-win."

For Rouleau, this presented a unique opportunity to bring his "UNCOUPLED" character to life. In the show, Rouleau plays Tyler Hawkins, a young, hot-shot luxury broker who competes with the main character, Michael—played by Neil Patrick Harris—for listings.

"I'm obsessed with real estate and looking at apartments in NYC. In another life, I'd definitely be a real estate agent. So I think finding that side of Tyler on UNCOUPLED was easy. He was buried somewhere inside of me just waiting to be unleashed." — Nic Rouleau

Filming season one was a dream come true for Rouleau, who commended the cast, crew, and production team for being "top notch." He also enjoyed working with Neil Patrick Harris, whom he had met before being cast.

"NPH and I had performed on the TONY Awards Broadcast together about 10 years prior, so it was fun to work together again." — Nic Rouleau

Rouleau, who had a lengthy run as Elder Price in The Book of Mormon on Broadway, co-founded The Broadway Song Shoppe, an online platform that provides custom songs for Broadway and theater fans and businesses based on details they provide. Hastie, who is well-acquainted with the NYC performing arts scene, jumped at the opportunity after meeting Rouleau's business partner Greg Kenna. "I’m always looking to collaborate with and support young artists," she said.

"When the Broadway industry shut down [during COVID-19], we found ourselves searching for a creative outlet. Greg came up with an idea that filled that void, offered jobs to our struggling performer friends, and provided a unique Broadway experience for theater fans across the globe. Thus, The Broadway Song Shoppe was born!" — Nic Rouleau

In the videos, Rouleau sings catchy tunes that walk you through each apartment, highlighting notable features.

The series, along with being a possible first for the real estate industry, is a fine example of just how far out of the box one can go when creatively marketing their business.

Connect with Kimberly T. Hastie and view her listings, including those in featured in this article. To learn more about The Broadway Song Shoppe, click here. You can also watch UNCOUPLED on Netflix, now streaming!