Celebrating Mother's Day: Agent-Child Power Duos at Brown Harris Stevens

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As Mother's Day approaches, we celebrate the extraordinary bond shared between mothers and their children—a bond that transcends professions and permeates every aspect of life. At Brown Harris Stevens, this connection takes on a unique dimension as we proudly boast a record number of mother-child Agent duos within our ranks.

These dynamic duos not only exemplify the strength of familial ties but also embody our firm's commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration, support, and excellence. 

New York City

Lisa Lippman and Max Lippman 

Monica Podell and Brittany Podell Levin

Elaine Clayman and Justine Bray

Kathy Sloane and Curtis Sloane

Edith Tuckerman and Katharine Tuckerman 

Leslie Coleman and Mary Rutherfurd

Patricia Beckwith and Charlotte Beckwith Quadri

Nada Rizk and Danielle Weadock


Nancy Dauk and John Dauk

The Hamptons

Maria Pashby and Joanna Pashby

Palm Beach 

Liza Pulitzer and Lillian Munn Pulitzer


Sheila Rojas and Deven Rojas

Toni Schrager and Lauren Schrager

Miyako Haag and Rodolphe Acelor

Elaine Palastrant and Kathy Kaufler 

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