How to Pack Valuable Items for Your Summer Move

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Written in collaboration with Piece of Cake Moving and Storage

Packing and moving can be intimidating, especially when it comes to valuable items. Our friends at Piece of Cake Moving & Storage, along with our Brown Harris Stevens Real Estate Agents, have provided a helpful, step-by-step guide for ensuring your cherished artwork, furniture, electronics, and jewelry arrive at your destination intact and unscathed. 

"Booking a trusted mover, like Piece of Cake, to pack and move your belongings safely is typically a key step to stress reduction! If you prefer to hand-pack certain items yourself, wrap multiple times with moisture-repelling material and place in a container with secure lid and duct tape and label. If you have multiple items of value, you might ask your moving company for a short-term storage unit option to store your valuables so they are prepped and locked out of the way during a local move." - Deb Miller, Brown Harris Stevens Harlem Agent

Assess Value and Plan Accordingly

Before you begin packing, evaluate the fragility of each of your items to determine the appropriate packing approach. You'll want to invest in quality packing materials, such as sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam padding, and high-quality tape. For extremely fragile items, consider custom wooden crates. By having a pre-set course of action for each category of item you are packing, you can avoid missteps and damage in the long run. 

Tailor Packing Techniques

Certain items benefit from specialized materials and packing techniques. 

“When it comes to smaller, valuable items like jewelry, designer hats, and other accessories, I make a point to wrap each individual item and carry whatever I can on my person. This helps avoid items getting lost or damaged in the shuffle. My hats, for instance, each have their own boxes, as opposed to being thrown in with my general wardrobe.” - Scottie Cabrera, Brown Harris Stevens Agent (Harlem and Riverdale) 

Photo Courtesy of Piece of Cake Moving & Storage


  • Paintings and Canvases: Protect with glassine paper, acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap, hardboard, and cardboard corner protectors.
  • Sculptures: Wrap in bubble wrap, focusing on protruding elements, and use custom crates if needed.

Antiques and Fragile Furniture:

  • Wooden Pieces: Dismantle and wrap separately in bubble wrap with a soft cloth or blanket for surfaces prone to scratches.
  • Glass Components: Pack separately with bubble wrap and cushioning materials.


  • Use original boxes or anti-static bubble wrap and foam padding. Label cables and take pictures for easy reassembly.

Jewelry and Small Heirlooms:

  • Wrap each piece in soft tissue paper or felt pouches and consider carrying highly valuable items with you.

Labeling and Inventory

Clearly label boxes and create a detailed inventory for tracking and insurance purposes.

Insurance and Professional Help

Purchase additional moving insurance for high-value items. Consider hiring professional movers for particularly valuable or bulky items.

Unpacking with Care

Unpack valuable items first, checking for damage, and use the right tools to carefully open boxes.

By following these steps from Piece of Cake Moving and Storage, you can minimize stress and ensure your valuables are safely transported to your new home. Connect with Piece of Cake to learn more about their moving and storage services. For your general real estate needs, reach out to a Brown Harris Stevens Agent today

Photo Courtesy of Piece of Cake Moving & Storage

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