'In a Barbie World': 7 Homes With PINK Design Details

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Today's release of Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie is easily one of, if not the most, anticpated of the year. The resurgence of Barbie and Mattel in the cultural zeitgeist has encouraged many to "think pink!" with major fashion, makeup, and interior design outlets embracing the color in the spirit of the movie. 

To help inspire the creation of your own dreamhouse, here are 7 homes currently on the market with pink design details. From bold, colorful walls to intricate pops of color, these homes showcase what makes pink so timeless and appealing to the masses. 

211 Central Park West #5K (Upper West Side, NYC)

211 Central Park West, Barbie Pink Design

Green and yellow are complementary colors to pink. If you want to combine pink with other bright colors, like orange, consider including some greens and yellows to balance things out, as seen here. 

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400 Stanwich Road  (Greenwich, Connecticut) 

400 Stanwich Road in Connecticut, Barbie pink interior design

Even the most classic and grand of homes can incorporate pink while maintaining their ambiance. This sprawling Connecticut estate has a living room outfitted in various shades of the color, making the room stand out while still complimenting the rest of the home. 

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45 West 67th Street #27DE (Upper West Side, NYC) 

45 west 67th street, barbie pink interior design

If you love pink but are wary about it fitting into your home, consider having an accent piece, like the couch above, anchored by neutrals. The result is both sleek and contemporary.  

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1289 Lexington Avenue #19B (Upper East Side, NYC) 

1289 lexington Avenue 19B, barbie pink interior design

Baby pink is a timeless shade that, when incorporated properly, can defy its namesake and be suitable for all ages. This room is a prime example of how the color, when combined with soft finishes and contemporary furnishings, can look elegant and mature. 

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393 West End Avenue #10C (Upper West Side, NYC) 

393 West End Avenue 10C, barbie pink interior design

While many shades of pink are bright and eye-catching, some, like this muted pinky mauve, are a bit more subdued and relaxing, especially when paired with textural fabrics. 

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4630 Royal Palm Avenue (Miami Beach, FL) 

4630 royal palm avenue in miami, barbie pink interior design

Art is a great way to incoporate colors of all types without overwhleming the space. The bright pinks in the painting above are complimented by a mid-century modern, colorful credenza. With neutral tones throughout the rest of the space, the two combine to create an accent wall. 

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11 Hoyt Street, #19H  (Downtown Brooklyn, NYC) 

11 hoyt street 19h in brooklyn, barbie pink interior design

The use of pinks throught these two living spaces is expertly incorporated. The throw blanket and chairs, each slightly different shades of pink, manage to add both consistency and variation in design while unifying the living and dining areas. 

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