One-on-One with Acclaimed Interior Designer Kerry Delrose

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Throughout his two-decade career, Kerry Delrose has transformed countless interiors around the world. As the founder of NYC-based interior design firm Delrose Design Group, Delrose’s work has been published in several publications, including House & Garden, Elle Decor, Luxe, Vanity Fair, and New York Spaces.

In a recent interview, Delrose provided key insight into his unique style, some of his favorite projects, how his successful firm came to be, and much more. 

Tell us how Delrose Design Group came to be.

I worked for several large Architectural and Design firms, always running their Interiors Departments. I decided to start my own firm after really defining my aesthetic. The firm was built on the principles of classic, yet innovative designs individually executed to each client, along with a strong business sense and skillful management.

What kind of designs are you known for?

We continually produce stylish, bold interiors that are specific to each client's needs. Our clients appreciate our distinctive aesthetic sensibility and our unique approaches to making interesting interiors. My signature style includes large-scale pieces, unusual objects, and innovative applications.

What is your favorite room to design and why?

Living rooms, because there are many directions to go in. I always like to incorporate several seating areas in a space. This is what I find to be great for entertaining or intimate conversations. I love chaises, benches, and different forms, not just sofas. We want them chic, modern, and above all comfortable, or we really haven’t done our job.

How would you describe your aesthetic, in a couple of sentences? 

We love large-scale objects that are unusual, as they make a dramatic statement. We use organic materials and always innovative approaches, which make for very progressive designs.

What was one of your favorite projects and why?

We designed two of the largest penthouses in Sydney, Australia. There is not much in terms of design work or products there, so it’s a little homogenous. We had fun introducing the clients to all sorts of things we do here in the U.S. It was fun to see their reaction and was an incredible opportunity.

What questions should one ask when interviewing a designer, contractor, or architect? 

Explain your expectations, and then LISTEN to what they say. Timing and budgets are always key. You should also ask for references, inqiure as to how they work, and review their past work.

Who are some of your favorite designers or artists that inspire you?

I love everything Peter Marino does. His eye and attention to detail is amazing. My favorite artist is Irene Mamiye, whose work is incredible and always evolving! Billy Baldwin slipper chairs are a must in any design. And I love Jim Dine. Just amazing pieces.

What color have you been using the most lately?

GREY. But that has been going on with us forever, so it's just our base for so much of our work. We tend to work in cool colors, not warm colors. Most people gravitate to warm colors, it's their comfort zone. We always try to introduce them to the other side of the spectrum. We give good renderings to help them imagine the space.

How can textures and different finishes be applied in an apartment?

Wallpaper, fabrics, window treatments, and paint each take on a different feel depending on light and location. Think of floors in cork, leather, or resin, instead of wood. Take chances in small areas. We love over-the-top wallpaper in powder rooms!

How do you infuse color in a space?

We have large pieces such as sofas and chairs, and then walls and curtain panels are all very neutral. Our color comes in with art, pillows, unusual objects, rugs, and accessories.

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