Pantone Perfection: 7 Homes Bathed in "Peach Fuzz"

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Come 2024, peach will be in season year-round! That’s right, Pantone’s 2024 color of the year is none other than “Peach Fuzz,” a soft, pinkish orange that is youthful—yet timeless.

For your own design inspiration, here is a curated collection of homes on the market that showcase Peach Fuzz in their designs.

212 Fifth Avenue
Apartment #7A

A well-appointed entryway can set the "tone" for guests visiting your home. With its relaxing and veratile hue, peach fuzz adorns this foyer in a way that is welcoming yet bold. 

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2 N Breakers Row
Apartment #S-T1

Watch any re-run of The Golden Girls and you'll notice that peach fuzz is a mainstay in classic, South Florida-style architecture. This lavish Palm Beach Condo is the perfect example. 

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650 West End Avenue
Apartment #GAB

Peach Fuzz's subtle hue and saturation makes it very versatile. This dining room, for instance, pairs it with both contemporary and classic furnishings. 

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49 East 96th Street
Apartment #8/9E

The peach curtains in this room compliment the colorful carpet beautifully. It's a great example of how easily the mellow color can be paired with bolder designs. 

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801 West End Avenue
Apartment #2A

Even more contemporary spaces, like this living room, can incorporate peach fuzz for a subtle hint of color. 

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13 Serpentine Drive
Middletown, New Jersey

The soft peach adorning the walls of this formal dining room creates a warm, inviting feel that guests will undoubtedly respond positively to. 

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263 West End Avenue
Apartment #15B

Peach fuzz can even anchor and balance brighter colors, as seen here with this built-in. 

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