The Line: Inflation at its Lowest Rate in Over Two Years

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Today we have a ton to cover, so welcome to the bullet-point edition of The Line.

Inflation at its Lowest Rate in Over Two Years

  • The consumer price index rose just 0.1% in May and is 4% higher than a year ago.
  • At 4%, the annual increase in CPI is at its lowest level since March 2021.
  • Wages are now rising faster than prices. About time that happened!
  • After peaking at 9.1% last June, the annual inflation rate has fallen for 11 straight months.
  • Most of the decline in inflation over the past year can be attributed to a 11.7% drop in energy prices.
  • "Core" inflation—which excludes energy and food prices—is up 5.3% from a year ago. 
  • The money supply—remember inflation is all about the money supply—has fallen 4% this year.
  • To sum up, inflation continues to come down after 10 rate hikes, but remains above the Fed’s 2% target.

The Fed Says, “You’ll Get Nothing and Like it”

  • Yep, I used a Caddyshack reference.
  • After 10 consecutive hikes, the Fed left rates alone this week. While that’s great news, it appears this is only a one-month pause.
  • In their economic projections, the Fed expects two more rate hikes this year. That took most of the fun out of the "no hike this time" announcement.
  • Expect 25 basis point hikes at their July and September meetings.
  • The Fed does expect to cut rates by 1% next year, so we got that goin’ for us, which is nice. (Yep, another Caddyshack reference.)
  • None of this has any direct impact on 30-year mortgage rates.

Retail Sales Unexpectedly Rose in May

  • The 0.3% gain in spending last month is great news, considering most economists were expecting a small decline.
  • This better-than-expected news might make some economists—yours truly included—rethink their recession predictions.
  • Sales rose in all categories except for gasoline stations and miscellaneous store retailers—whatever they are.
  • The decline in sales at gas stations can be attributed to a 5.6% plunge in gas prices last month.
  • Retail sales in May were just 1.6% higher than a year ago, even though consumer prices rose 4% during that period.
  • Since retail sales are not adjusted for inflation, that means that consumers continue to spend more money while getting less stuff.

Way to Go, Denver and Vegas!

  • Congrats to the Nuggets and Golden Knights on winning their first championships.
  • While Vegas only had to wait six years for its first Stanley Cup, Denver has been without a ring since joining the ABA in 1967. Those of you who’ve never heard of the ABA can read about it here.
  • As a Rangers, Jets, and Knicks fan, I know what it feels like to root for teams that rarely win.
  • When asked if he was looking forward to a championship parade, Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic said, "No. I need to go home."
  • I can also relate to people who just want to finish their job and go right home, but then again, no one has offered me a parade yet.

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