Helpful Tips for Moving in NYC

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Moving in New York City presents unique challenges worth considering. Whether you are relocating down the street, to another neighborhood, or to another borough altogether, planning is key. To help, our friends at Piece of Cake Moving & Storage, NYC's highest-rated moving and storage company, have shared some helpful tips for navigating the New York City moving process. 

Time Your NYC Move Strategically  

Did you know that the summer months are considered the "busy season" for professional movers in NYC? Roughly 70% of all moves happen from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 

If you are moving during summer, try and book your moving day at least three weeks in advance. Most leases, as you likely know, finish at the end of the month, so it’s no surprise that movers are busiest on the last day of each month. Weekends are also high-demand moving days, as are morning moves. 

If you have flexibility and are looking to reduce your moving fee, consider moving in the middle of the month, during a weekday, and with an afternoon slot. Also, if you are able, try to map out where you want your belongings to be placed in your new home ahdead of time. 

"The key to a successful move is to let someone else pack and unpack you. Use graph paper to map out where your furniture will go (and measure to fit in the grid), then tape it out on the floor of your new home and presto! You are having coffee on Home A at 7AM and opening a bottle of wine in Home B by 7PM." - Marjorie Flannigan MacLachlan, Brown Harris Stevens Broker

Obtain a Moving Certificate of Insurance

New York City residents can’t move with a professional mover without a COI (Certificate of Insurance). Buildings will request these to protect them against any accidents or damage that might occur on moving day. 

These moving insurance policies are generally valued in the millions of dollars and are generated by your mover’s insurer. No mover is exempt from this process, and each COI has to be tailored for each building, which includes addressing it to the right individual at the right location.

Both ends of your move will need to be covered, and you are responsible for making sure everyone has a copy of their COI beforehand. 

NYC Building Restrictions and Moving Day Rules

Be sure to read up on your building's unique moving day rules. Some may include strict legal requirements, such as making sure you have a COI. Here are some others you may come across: 

  • While there aren’t any official restrictions on weekend moves in New York City, many buildings don’t permit weekend moves because they can disrupt other residents.
  • Service elevator times usually have to be booked in advance. 
  • Some buildings may have preferred moving companies they trust to conduct moves in their building.

"When moving, it's important to try and maintain a positive, upbeat nature, and have a sense of humor. Work side by side with the movers and remember that they're there to help you. Consider donating any and all books you've read or don't plan to read, as those can add a lot of weight and some movers won't handle them." - Marsi Gardiner, Brown Harris Stevens Agent

Dispose of Unwanted Items Correctly

Before your moving day, you should consider what is coming with you. When it comes to disposing larger items, New York won’t let you discard just anything curbside -- there are some restrictions.

For large items that qualify, book an appointment for collection ahead of time (up to 4 weeks in advance). The City will pick up a maximum of 10 items, including mattresses. Items should be tied or bundled securely and set out by 4pm the day before collection.

New York State law prohibits the disposal of certain e-waste items, like computers, printers and televisions, with your trash and recycling. Likewise, the Department of Sanitation won’t collect items curbside if they are mostly metal, like a bedframe. Metal items need to be put out with recycling on the day it’s picked up.

For clothing not in pristine enough condition to donate to a charity, there are textile recycling and drop off points throughout the city.

Learn more about these services here.  

Hire Moving Experts

Qualified moving professionals will be an asset to your journey, not just for heaving lifting, but for the troubleshooting expertise and specialized support they can offer. Create a shortlist of movers based on reviews and word of mouth, and be sure to check their certifications. 

Reliable movers, like our friends at Piece of Cake moving and storage, will have a strong attention to detail and be transparent with their pricing and services. 

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