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Languages Spoken:      CHINESE, MANDARIN, ENGLISH

Susanne Rhow has sold tens of millions of dollars of Manhattan real estate for U.S and international clients. She has transacted multi-million dollar deals on the East Side, West Side and downtown, from the most discerning cooperatives to new developments and townhouses. She also helps investors complete complex transactions under tight IRS 1031 deadlines.

Her clients appreciate her ability to listen and quickly understand their tastes and priorities. By previewing every listing before she shows it, she ensures a client's time is never wasted. They often make winning offers sight unseen because they trust Susanne's judgement and taste level. Her spreadsheets...

Susanne Rhow has sold tens of millions of dollars of Manhattan real estate for U.S and international clients. She has transacted multi-million dollar deals on the East Side, West Side and downtown, from the most discerning cooperatives to new developments and townhouses. She also helps investors complete complex transactions under tight IRS 1031 deadlines.

Her clients appreciate her ability to listen and quickly understand their tastes and priorities. By previewing every listing before she shows it, she ensures a client's time is never wasted. They often make winning offers sight unseen because they trust Susanne's judgement and taste level. Her spreadsheets and analytical skills make the selling or buying process streamlined, informative and efficient.

Highly personable yet discreet, Susanne inspires trust and confidence in all her clients. They value her professionalism, superior client service and her negotiation skills. With a warm and engaging manner, she goes above and beyond expectations to get a listing ready for sale or works tirelessly to successfully negotiate a deal.

Susanne Rhow brings an international business background to her role as a broker. Before joining the real estate industry, Susanne worked for a variety of world-class companies in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong. She held senior level positions at Saks Fifth Avenue, Estee Lauder International, and Sotheby's Auction House. At Sotheby's, as a VP of the Trusts and Estates and the Private Client Group, she worked closely with High Net Worth clients, leading Trusts & Estates attorneys and senior Private Wealth professionals.

Susanne graduated from Stuyvesant High School and Georgetown University, with additional studies at La Sorbonne in Paris and Sotheby's Institute of Art in London.

Licensed as Susanne Karmin


Susanne Rhow is one of the most talented and hardworking brokers in the industry. She helped me find the apartment of my dreams and made the entire process from searching, putting in an offer, negotiating the contract and all the way through to the closing as seamless as possible, helping me at every step along the way. She takes pride in her profession, providing clients with the highest level of privacy and discretion, great trust and loyalty, plus a vast knowledge of today's unique marketplace with she translated into a real result for me. Susanne truly recognizes that buying and selling a home are personal and emotional as well as financial transitions in the lives of her clients, and helps ease the process by injecting her own seasoned personal and professional judgment to aid in the important decision-making process. She treats her clients with the honesty, support and integrity one would give a family member, putting their best interests first. MC

Susanne was responsible for the highly successful sale of our estate apartment. We chose Susanne because of her extensive Trusts & Estates experience and her familiarity with the complex circumstances around the settling of an estate. By orchestrating a bidding war, she received multiple bids above our asking price. Her daily reports and summaries Continued... ensured that all beneficiaries, even those based internationally, were informed in a timely and consistent manner. Susanne brings an attention to detail and an innate sense of how to make an apartment look as beautiful as possible. Her extensive marketing also helped make this above-asking price sale possible. Best of all, Susanne's tireless work ethic and professionalism made her a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend her to anyone else requiring real estate services. H.S.

Susanne had helped us complete two complex transactions for a successful 1031 exchange within six months. Susanne sold our first investment property, which was a complicated sale as it contained both a commercial and residential unit under one tax lot. Despite this, we received several offers. She even helped the winning bidders obtain an excellent mortgage! After, we were thrilled when our offer was accepted on our subsequent investment purchase. However, when the sellers unexpectedly rescinded their acceptance, Susanne didn't miss a beat. The following week we viewed 11 townhouses in one day and found our ideal property. As our company is based in HK, each trip to NYC was very brief. However, each visit was extremely productive because she planned and organized the time so efficiently. In addition, throughout the process she made introductions to people or resources that were very valuable. Susanne is smart, resourceful and completely professional. Without fail, she consistently went above and beyond our expectations. We would highly recommend Susanne to any investor looking to buy or sell properties in New York City. C.T.

My friends referred me to Susanne and it was a real pleasure working with her, first when buying an apartment and then a year later selling it. When I was in the market to buy, Susanne did the research to ensure she only showed me apartments that met my criteria and helped me quickly find a new home that I completely loved. On the first day my ideal apartment hit the market, she put a plan in motion that got us an accepted offer within 48 hours, despite heavy competition. A year later, I had to relocate and sell my perfect apartment. At issue, I didn't want to lose money on the round trip and so wanted to achieve an above-market price that recouped all the closing costs for both the purchase and the sale. Susanne developed a pricing and marketing strategy that delivered my desired price in just a few weeks on the market. Susanne is knowledgeable, hardworking and extremely professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling in New York City. R.C.

Susanne took the time to listen to and understand our needs, and only showed us listings that met our specifications. She helped us navigate the complicated co-op process to avoid several pitfalls that could have easily derailed our dream purchase. In addition, her level of service is just what you would want from a broker. Knowing our needs, she would preview properties for us and have a driver available so our time wasn't wasted. Even after closing Susanne didn't walk away, but helped us find reputable cleaning and painting services to get our apartment ready to move in. Susanne is stellar as a broker. We could not have asked for better. F.P.

Living in Hong Kong, we needed to be certain that our broker understood our needs and would be able to find and negotiate the perfect place for us in NYC. Susanne is definitely that person. She patiently monitored the market until she found a place that more than met our requirements. In fact, we made an offer sight unseen because we trusted her judgment. Once the offer was accepted, she professionally, patiently and persistently worked to a successful close; taking charge of all aspects of the transaction in an organized and thoughtful manner. Susanne went well beyond what we had expected of a broker including having the place cleaned before we took possession! We are thrilled with our new home and would highly recommend Susanne if you are considering purchasing a place in New York City.” – NG & SG

I received a full price offer of $3,850,000 in 37 days! Susanne was outstanding in organizing the entire shipment of my apartment contents to Canada and then staging the apartment beautifully. She obtained quotes and interviewed all vendors so I only got the best prices and the best service possible. All this without even having met her in person! As I reside in Hong Kong, a Boston broker referred Susanne to me and I was very impressed with Susanne's professionalism and excellent advice. In a soft market, she generated tremendous interest in my listing and I could not be happier with the results. I highly recommend Susanne for any clients that need someone to help them buy or sell in New York City. C.L.

We want to express how grateful we are to Susanne Rhow and her outstanding professionalism as our real estate broker. Well before our home went on the market, Susanne sat down with us to hear our needs and dreams, demystify what can be a bewildering process to the uninitiated, and make a smart plan, which brought us to a place that we could never have imagined on our own. After the initial planning phase, she employed a stylist's eye to improve our space, and elevated it to the status of a true luxury home. She made clever suggestions for re-organization; hand selected a beautiful variety of plants and orchids; provided an elegant selection of linens, sheers, and candles; and made-over our home with such a bright, airy, inviting look that guests marveled, inquiring about the services of our interior designer. Next, Susanne set her marketing skills to work, aggressively advertising outside our neighborhood and using her expansive network of professional contacts to draw from a larger pool of clientele who were unaware of Castle Village and all that it has to offer. She went above and beyond to make our home as appealing as possible. After only two open houses, she successfully solicited multiple offers, took us quickly to “highest and best,” and achieved a price well above our asking, which was also a record sale for Castle Village. Throughout, Susanne was an excellent communicator and gave us daily updates on all appointments, with detailed comments. Her organizational skills, as well as her diligence, are remarkable. Even beyond the initial contract, Susanne was very responsive and willing to go the extra mile. In Susanne, we had a first-class stylist, a skilled and tactful negotiator, a tireless administrator, and the ultimate advocate. We couldn't ask for a more professional, creative, personable, and successful broker. J.P. & Family

The prospect of leasing our new luxury Manhattan apartment from Hong Kong was a big concern for us. But Susanne made the whole experience seamless. Not only did she find interested parties even before we closed on this new development, she worked very hard to find renters that would treat our investment like it was their own. And while other brokers would have considered their job done once the lease started, Susanne has remained involved to the last to ensure that all issues are resolved to the satisfaction of everyone involved. She even suggested and oversaw several renovations that helped protect the value of our investment for the future. In fact, she will lease it for us again this year. We very strongly recommend her to anyone, particularly those thinking about buying luxury investment properties in New York City. S.V & A.V.

Looking for an apartment in New York City was a daunting process for a couple from California, but Susanne brought us up to speed right away. She took the time to thoroughly explain the co-op buying process here in New York City, which is far different from what we were used to in the San Francisco area. She understood our needs and helped us very quickly find the apartment that fit the new life we wanted to create here. Her patience, professionalism and superb communication skills, both with us and the other broker, helped achieve our desired apartment within a very tight IRS timeframe. We highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase a home in New York City. M.P.

Susanne helped us buy our first home, a pre-war co-op. Everyone talks about how difficult and stressful buying your first home is especially in NYC's competitive market, but Susanne made it all so seamless and stress-free. Her professional insights, expertise, and experience pointed us in the right directions and facilitated a smooth and simple closing process. She is a great listener and knows how to put everyone at ease; additionally her thoroughness and attention to detail in putting together our board package was impressive. Susanne is knowledgeable, attentive, responsive, reassuring, and a consummate professional - we couldn't have asked for a better broker and wonderful person to have on our side when buying our first home. CW & TC

Susanne is a committed and driven professional. Having worked with her at Sotheby's, her business acumen and attention to detail is an asset to her clients. In the crowded New York City real estate market where buyers and sellers need a resourceful agent, I am sure that Susanne will represent them well. J.P.

445 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Brown Harris Stevens Residential Sales, LLC






Susanne在六个月内成功帮助我们利用1031延税法完成了两项复杂的交易。Susanne帮我们出售了我们的第一套投资房产,由于该套房产同时包含商业和住宅单元,所以出售起来很麻烦。但尽管如此,我们还是收到了一些购买意向。她甚至帮助中标者获得了利息优惠的贷款!之后,在后续购置投资房产过程中,当我们的出价被接受时,我们感到很兴奋。但是,当卖家出乎意料地撤消其承诺时,Susanne丝毫没有气馁。接下来的一周,我们在一天内看了11栋联排别墅,终于找到了我们心仪的房产。由于我们公司的总部在香港,因此每次去纽约时停留时间都很短暂。但是,由于她做的时间计划和安排非常高效,我们每次去都有很大收获。此外,在整个过程中,她向我们介绍了非常有价值的人或资源。Susanne聪明,人脉广并且非常专业。她总是超出我们的预期。我们向任何有意向在纽约市购买或出售房产的投资者强烈推荐Susanne。 C.T.

我们居住在香港,因此我们需要确定我们的经纪人能够了解我们的需求,并且能够为我们在纽约市找到理想的住所。Susanne就是最适合的人。她耐心地关注市场,直到找到一个超出我们预想标准的地点。实际上,我们事先未到实地看房就出价了,因为我们相信她的判断。出价被接受后,她专业、耐心、坚持不懈地谈判,直到成功成交;并周密安排有序推进交易的各方面事宜。Susanne远远超出了我们对经纪人的期望,她甚至在我们收房之前对房子进行了保洁!我们对新房非常满意,如果您正在考虑在纽约市购买房屋,我们强烈推荐Susanne。�� NGSG

由于我们在香港居住,所以对于我们而言,出租我们在曼哈顿的一套豪华公寓是一个大问题。但是有了Susanne的帮助,整个交易过程非常顺利。她不仅在我们新房手续办理完成以前就找到了意向租客,而且她花了很多精力帮我们找到了会像爱惜他们自己的房子一样爱惜我们房子的租客。一般的经纪人会认为一旦租赁开始,他们的工作就结束了,而Susanne在租赁开始后还是一直主动地帮我们处理后续事宜,以确保交易各方都感到满意。她甚至还建议对我们的房屋进行一些翻新,这样有助于房屋的将来保值,并监督了翻新的实施。事实上,今年,她将会帮我们再次出租这套公寓。我们向所有人强烈推荐Susanne,特别是那些考虑在纽约市购置豪华房产的投资者。S.V& A.V.

Susanne Rhow是业内最有才华和敬业的经纪人之一。她帮我找到了我梦想中的住所,确保从搜索、出价、合同谈判到成交的整个流程尽可能完美无缝,并且在整个过程中的每一步骤都为我提供了帮助。她为自己的职业感到自豪,最大程度地尊重客户隐私,谨慎、信任和忠诚,并且非常了解当今独特的市场,凭借这些,她顺利地帮我完成了交易。Susanne深知,对于客户而言,房屋买卖既是其个人和情感方面也是财务方面的转变,她利用自己丰富的个人经验和专业判断,帮助客户做出重大决策,从而使这一过程变得简单。她以诚实、支持和正直的态度对待客户,将客户视同家人,将客户的利益放在第一位。MC 



Susanne花时间倾听和了解了我们的需求,并带我们去看符合我们要求的房源。她帮助我们办理复杂的股权式公寓(Co-op)交易流程,并规避了一些很可能让我们无法买到心仪的公寓的陷阱。此外,她的服务水准正是合格经纪人应有的服务水准。在了解我们的需求后,她会事先为我们实地考察房产,并为我们安排司机接送,以免浪费我们的时间。即使在交割后,Susanne也并没有离开, 而是帮助我们找到了声誉良好的保洁和油漆服务提供者,为我们做好入住前的准备工作。Susanne是一位优秀的经纪人。我们不可能找到比她更好的经纪人了。F.P.

作为我们的房产经纪人,Susanne Rhow表现出了出色的专业水准,我们非常感谢她。在我们的房子正式挂牌交易之前,Susanne认真倾听了我们的需求和想法,以浅显易懂的方式向我们解释对于外行人来说可能过于复杂的流程,并制定了一个巧妙的计划,最终帮我们买到了一套我们原本想都不敢想的房产。在制定初步计划后,她以设计师的眼光对我们的房屋进行了一些改造,使其达到真正的豪宅标准。她提出了一些重新布置的建议,亲手帮我们挑选了各种植物和兰花,精心挑选了织物、窗纱和蜡烛,将我们的家装饰一新,更加宽敞明亮、通透、怡人,来我家做客的客人都为之大为赞叹,并询问我们的室内装饰设计师是谁。而后,Susanne运用她的营销能力,在我们的社区之外大肆宣传,利用她在地产领域庞大的关系网,吸引大量不知道CastleVillage的客户,让他们了解该社区的优势。凭借她卓越的能力,她尽可能提高我们的房屋的吸引力。仅仅在安排了两次公开看房以后,她就成功地为我们获得多个买方出价,并很快引导我们选择了其中�价格最高且条件最优越�的买家。最终买家的出价高于我们的要价,而且打破了CastleVillage社区的历史最高纪录。在整个过程中,Susanne展示了卓越的沟通能力,每天向我们告知所有预约看房情况,并附有详细说明。她的组织能力之强和她对工作的专注,实在令人倾佩。即使在签订初始合同后,Susanne还是有求必应,并不遗余力地继续为我们服务。Susanne既是一流的设计师,有技巧有谋略的谈判者,尽心的管理者,也是不折不扣的宣传者。她是我们遇到过的最专业、最具创意、最有亲和力的成功经纪人。J.P.& Family





445 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Brown Harris Stevens Residential Sales, LLC

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2022 BHS NYC Biggest Buy Side New Development Deal in Manhattan

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200 East 89th Street, Upper East Side, Upper East Side, NYC - 2 Bedrooms  
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200 East 89th Street
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955 Lexington Avenue, Upper East Side, Upper East Side, NYC - 2 Bedrooms  
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955 Lexington Avenue
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Susanne Rhow  (212) 906-9301

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